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Crafted with love and passion using the finest vegan ingredients delivered fresh to your door in fully recyclable packaging.

The image above shows a selection of our delicious dishes: 宫保素雞 Kung Pao Chicken (peanuts), 椒鹽椰菜花 Salt & Chilli Cauliflower, 素乾牛絲 Crispy Chilli “Beef”, 蔥油煎餅 Wok Fried Scallion Pancakes, 素小籠包 Steamed Vegan Xiaolongbao Dumplings, 酸辣大白菜 Sour & Spicy Chinese Leaves, 素星洲炒米粉 Vegan Singapore Noodles, 沙爹素羊 “Lamb” in Satay Sauce, 豆沙芝麻球 Crispy Sesame Balls